Hi there 🙂

This blog is dedicated to all things artsy, travelly and especially Irishy. I take trips to Ireland every few years and have seen some absolutely stunning scenery and I take lots of photos while I’m there. I just opened a new Etsy shop dedicated to just my Ireland photography, it’s called The Irish Still. I also make all sorts of arts and crafts using many different mediums, but I specialize in decoupage and make things like wall art, collaged heirloom boxes and Irish inspired housewares. You can find all of my artsy items at my other Etsy shop, RubyClover.

My inspiration comes from bygone eras (1920’s through the 60’s mostly), trips to Ireland, old timey sailors, flappers, french accordian music, beatniks, burlesque and occasionally Crown Royal.

Oh and I should mention that I have a vintage shop as well on Etsy, it’s called Bohemienne (yes, I do keep quite busy!)



  1. Angela Crawley can you contact me. I would like to have a movie of the 2013 of the family reunion at Sharon Pepper home- My husband sent it to his sister who was at the reunion

  2. Can you send a movie if the of the family reunion at Sharon peper home you were the taking pictures and making a move my home number is 708 403-3048

  3. Hello Ruby!

    My name is Kate Terry, Curation Specialist for RAW: natural born artists. RAW is an organization that was founded by artists, for artists and we are dedicated to finding new talent and showcasing them in our quarterly art shows. Our RAW showcases exhibit 60-70 local artists per show and has an average audience attendance of about 600-800 people.
    I came across your photography as I was looking through Etsy. I love your work! – it’s uninhibited, nostalgic, and serene.
    I’m excited I found your site and we would love to speak with you further about participating in our upcoming showcase in Chicago on November 30 at Metro Chicago. Are you available to chat this Wednesday (10/11) at 1:00pm?
    If so, please let me know the best number to reach you and we’ll give you a call then. In the mean time, feel free to check out our website: http://www.rawartists.org/
    Thanks and have a great day!

    Kate Terry
    Curation Specialist
    RAW: natural born artists

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