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*CLOSED* May GIVEAWAY…By Ruth Nicholas Photography

Hi folks! We have a fantastic and very generous BIRTHDAY BASH GIVEAWAY for you this month, thanks to the fabulous Ruth from R.Nicholas Photography whose birthday happens to be today!! Happy Birthday, Ruth!!

She’s having 3 winners chosen for her big birthday giveaway ~ 1ST PLACE gets an 11×14 photo of their choice… 2ND PLACE gets the Nature Series Set of 5 Bookmarks and also any 5×7 photo of their choice…3RD PLACE gets 2 large 4×8 cards (Paradise & Greener Pastures

Rules of entry can be found below at the bottom of this post


Now let’s learn a bit about Ruth, shall we?! I’ve asked her some questions and this is what she had to say…

Raised in Australia, I’ve always loved taking photos since I was a kid, but only ever saw it as a hobby. One of my pride and joy photos that I took with my box brownie when I was around 15-16 years old is this image of my siblings during a family vacation at Halls Gap, VIC Australia.

Being of the creative ilk has always meant that any job I had eventually bored me. Living in America for about 15 years now I have definitely worked the gamut! I’ve been a receptionist, administrative assistant, personal assistant, real estate agent, production manger, designer… the list goes on. And with each job I’ve had, I would cherish the creative aspects but sadly they were never at the core of my duties.

Then last Sept/Oct I went home for 3-weeks and met my niece and nephews for the first time (it had been 6-years since my last visit!). It was a very significant time for me as it gave me space and perspective from my life in America, allowing me to just stop, take time out and enjoy my family. While there, I took a zillion photos… of the city, nature, my family, the children, and it was my youngest brother who suggested that I seriously consider making a little business out of my photography. He loved my photos of the kids and felt they were easily comparable to professional photographers he’d used in the past. So with his words ringing around in my head and a renewed sense of spirit, I returned to America to do just that!

I love shooting children, especially babies up to 6-months old. They are so pure and full of life… and their expressions are priceless. Converting some of my children pictures into nostalgic fine art photographs has been one of my favorite things to do. And with the winter now done and a new season upon us, I’m excited to say that my prospects are beginning to pick up. This photo is from a shoot I did just the other day…

 Then of course there’s my Etsy Shop which I opened in the New Year. So I’m happy that I’m finally taking my photography seriously, and that people seem to be enjoying my work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also love anything to do with the ocean, I just wish I lived closer to the shore. I’d specialize in ocean photography with children in a heart beat!! And lately I have to admit I’ve been thoroughly enjoying getting intimate with nature, listing various flowers in my Shop. With digital photography, the creativity that post processing allows me is invaluable. Having the ability to add textures and special effects to my images allows me to add deeper meanings and visual depth into my final photos… and is what makes my craft so fulfilling.

  Any free time I have is usually spent hanging out with my husband, since we’re pretty much joined at the hip! We’re both big film buffs, so an ideal lazy afternoon for us is spent curled up on the couch together enjoying a good movie. I also love walks by myself…I can reflect on life, cleanse my mind of stresses and use the time to come up with new ideas and inspirations for my photography.

In honor of my roots, I want to mention my grandfather, John Colbourn… an up and coming artist before he died at age 34 in 1945. Not only was he a recognized architect, but also an exhibited linocut printmaker whose artwork can still be viewed today in several Australian galleries. Photography was also one of his passions, and I like to think that his creative spirit lives on inside me. I would like to share this copy of one of his linocuts, titled ‘Prelude to Winter’ …

You can also find out more about Ruth on her blog and Twitter



You’ll be able to enter up to 3 times on this giveaway, the rules are as follows (and you MUST leave your comments on this blog post to be entered, that’s the only way I can keep track of everyone! And make sure to leave seperate comments if you’re doing all 3 things, so you have more of a chance at winning!):

Mandatory Entry:

 LIKE Ruth’s Facebook page using your personal profile (make sure to come back and leave a comment HERE saying that you liked her on FB!) That’s your official entry and the only one you MUST do to enter

Additional Entries:

1 entry: Visit Ruth’s Etsy shop and leave a comment here with the link to your favorite item of hers

1 entry: “SHARE” any of the posts/links on her Facebook page that mention this giveaway (then leave your comment here saying that you did so)

THAT’S IT! We’ll pick the winners next Sunday, May 8th and contact you through email. Thanks a million to Ruth for being so generous with her Birthday Bash Giveaway!! Ruth and I would both like to thank YOU for taking the time to enter and want to wish you GOOD LUCK on winning!



  1. Ruth is such a talented photographer! And…. happy birthday to Ruth 😀

    I LIKE Ruth’s Facebook fan page, and also LIKE her post about this blog giveaway. So hard to pick from the amazing photos in her Etsy shop, but this one blows me away –×10-melbourne-laneway and I’d love to visit Australia and go to this particular magical street full of art and color!

  2. Love your pix, Ruth! My fav is “Urban Graffiti,” by the way. Very cool image.

  3. Great giveaway, Ruby! I’ve liked Ruth’s FB page.

  4. I’ve also liked her comment on her FB page mentioning the giveaway!

  5. She has TONS of great stuff on her Etsy site, but I think my favorite is the Take the Dirt Road Home print. It reminds me of my visit to Australia when my best friend and I ventured into the Blue Mountains, saw the famous Three Sisters and got lost trying to find our way back. Now that was a long dirt road home…

  6. I like Ruth’s post on her page about this awesome blog giveaway!

  7. It was so hard to pick from the amazing photos in Ruth’s Etsy shop, but this one blows me away –×10-melbourne-laneway and I’d love to visit Australia and go to this particular magical street full of art and color!

  8. I liked Ruth on FB!

  9. Shared her fb link on my fb page

  10. I “liked” the facebook page, and then I went to the ….

  11. etsy shop and browsed. My fav has to be summer daze, but I liked beach haven too. Anything beachey is good!!

  12. Fab pics, also liked and shared the page 🙂 Missy

  13. OOhh I loved this!
    Hey Ruth, I live by the shore, so feel free to visit!!

    (I like her Fanpage – Ana Carina)

  14. And my favorite from her shop is “Faded childhood”.
    Thank you!

  15. i liked ruth’s fb page:D. i really like her photos. this one especially as it looks like a painting. i also really like the fern one.×20-australian-farm

  16. I liked her page.

    My favorite pic is the tree in the field of flowers

  17. I love your Fall collections…It is my favorite Season!

  18. I liked Ruth’s FB page!

  19. also: I shared a link to her Etsy shop, too 🙂

  20. I’d already liked Ruth’s page previously, does that count? Also I shared the link told all my friends about her beautiful photos. I liked the article. 2 true things – it is very hard for creative types to stay at a regular job and not be bored to peices, and secondly when Ruth says that she and her hubbie are joined at the hip, she aint lyin 😉
    Luckily he’s a cool guy too, so its all good 🙂

  21. Shared link to Ruth’s page 🙂 lovely pics.

  22. Gorgeous Stuff!! I faved Ruth’s FB page and also shared it on my page. I love all her photos, but think that my favorite are the 2 little girls on the beach. Let me find the link when I visit her Etsy shop. Thanks

  23. I just visited Ruth’s Etsy shop and checked out all of her lovely photos!!

    My absolute favorite photo is called Faded Childhood, here is a link to
    this fabulous photo:×5-fine-art-photograph

  24. I just posted Ruth’s photo, “Faded Childhood” on my Face Book page!!

  25. I did I did!!!
    like her very much on facebook and indeed told everyone I know too 😀

  26. and it will come to no surprise to people who know me that I absolutely love this photo by Ruth – A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU :)))))×10-doorways-in-new

  27. I also shared a facebook link 🙂

    btw, the washing line photos in Ruth’s photo album on fb are just gorgeous !!

  28. I liked her facebook page!

  29. Forgot to leave a link to the item I liked!×10-melbourne-laneway

  30. I liked Ruth’s FB page!

  31. And my favorite Ruth original is “Take the Dirt Road Home”… beautiful shot of a beautiful place!×14-australian?ref=sr_gallery_1&ga_search_query=take+the+dirt+road+home&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade

  32. I liked Ruth’s facebook page!

  33. I just liked her facebook page 😎

  34. I love this print!!! So whimsical:×10-shabby-chick

  35. Sorry, I put an additional entry first :D… so, of course, I follow Ruth’s page on fb :)… as Dorottya Zsófia Bacsi :).

  36. I have featured her art in my etsy treasuries as it is STUNNING!!!! Now I have liked her page on facebook too! Great artist! Very inspiring!


    “Sweet Dreams” 8×10 Shabby Chic

    This is so wonderful, it’s my style, but its a picture you can sit and think of 1000 things to imagine, ask, wonder and find comfort in. I just want to be there, by that dresser, look in that mirror and smell those flowers! 🙂

  38. Happy Birthday to Ruth !!! Her work is beautiful and I liked her FB page too xxxx

  39. That was difficult, Ruth’s photos are gorgeous, but say today I liked most “the little tree”:×10-fine-art-photograph

  40. I love photography, so I was more than happy to Like Ruth’s page!

  41. Happy birthday! I liked her page on facebook!

  42. I absolutely love this photo:×10-doorways-in-new

  43. I shared the link on facebook!

  44. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to see your lovely work.
    I “liked” your colorful facebook page.

  45. I like the Facebook page as Andreia Sousa.
    so.kitsch at gmail dot com

  46. I adore this:×10-shabby-chick-old

  47. Shared the post!

  48. Just posted my favorite pic of Ruthies which is the burnt tree in the middle of the yellow flowers.

  49. And lastly I have posted your picture of the dying rose. It was a hard choice between that one and the new single rose bud picture, but they both are amazing.

  50. ive liked her FB page! 😀 nice photos i must say 😉

  51. I’ve also visited her Etsy and my favourite item is The nature series set of bookmarks! 😀 each image is gorgeous 😀

    Happy Birthday Ruth 😀

  52. like Ruth on fb Julie Scott Laws

  53.×10-shabby-chick love this
    her photography is stunning

  54. I liked her page on Facebook!

  55. This is my favorite!!!!×14-cape-may

  56. I shared the link on Facebook! Happy Birthday!

  57. I liked Ruth’s facebook page too!

  58. Just Found a couple of Linocuts by Ruth’s grandfather which i have listed on Ebay. He is an amazing artist

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