Posted by: rubyclover | April 1, 2011

April GIVEAWAY…by Sarasota shop ME2Designs!

I’m excited to say that this month we will have 5 winners! Meg from ME2Designs is a true Jill of all trades with her arts & crafts, she always has such a lovely variety of items in her Etsy shop and I’ve wondered for years how she can hold a full time job and create SO many things in her free time! She’s also a huge supporter of handmade artisans and a huge asset to many in the Etsy community.

This is a special 2 week giveaway, ending on Friday, April 15th. We will choose 5 winners who will each get their choice of a vintage jigsaw brooch from a hand picked selection by Meg. (See some of the options in the slideshow below).

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TO ENTER, just leave a comment on this post with your favorite item from Meg’s shop, just one entry per person! Good luck and I’ll be contacting the winners on April 15th!! Meg is also having a sale in her shop while the giveaway is active…Enter coupon code RubyC at checkout for 15% off your entire order!! Now lets learn a bit about Meg, shall we?


My initials are MEME, so ME2 Designs has been my brand since the early 1980s.

My Mom is an artist and my Dad was an architect, so I had the creative push from a young age. I won my first award for a painting that I did when I was 4 (watercolor of watermelons). In the last 25 years I’ve designed clothing and home furnishings and have had gowns, furniture and paintings in several juried exhibitions in Florida. 

Sarasota is located on the Gulf of Mexico (west coast of Florida), with white sugar sand beaches, aqua blue water, and has a long, rich history of arts & culture. I wanted to live here since I was a little kid and made the move 20 years ago – driving from Illinois with sleet coming down & Stevie Wonder singing “there’s a place in the sun” on the radio 🙂 *Sarasota is known as the cultural capital of Florida, and has more arts per capita than anywhere else in the US outside of Manhattan.

My day job overworks my left brain, and creating & my Etsy shop provides the balance I need from my right brain. Love all kinds of music, and I play my piano whenever I want to relax and get lost in music. I cannot create in a silent void, and music is my constant companion.

I have collected old wood jigsaw puzzles for years, and after I opened my Etsy shop I started making pieces from various puzzles into brooches. (US states being the most poular!) It’s my way of upcycling and trying to keep these precious pieces that will never be produced again out of landfills, etc. I’ve found that these old pieces are conversation starters (for example, people always look for Sarasota on my 1915 Florida brooch when I wear it, but Sarasota wasn’t incorporated until 1921, so it’s not there).  I have collected quite a few GJ Hayter ‘Victory’ wood puzzles as well. All the wood pieces in these were hand cut at the Hayter Company in Bournemouth, UK in the 1960s.

I’m giving away a total of 5 of these brooches! I’m giving away 3 US state wood brooches – these are from a Parker Brothers jigsaw puzzle from 1915. It’s amazing how many cities/towns outside of the northeastern US did not exist nearly a century ago – we are definitely a young nation! I am also giving away 2 bird brooches from the Victory Bird Watch puzzle from the 1960s. Each wood bird brooch also has a companion wood brooch that contains the bird name. Since these items are vintage or antique and are not reproductions, they’re ‘wearable history’ in a way.


THANKS MEG and thanks ahead of time to everyone who enters! Meg is also having a sale in her shop while the giveaway is active…Enter coupon code RubyC at checkout for 15% off your entire order!! I’ll email the winner on April 15th and you can also check my facebook page for updates. Good luck! ♥



  1. I have so many favorites in that shop! I love the vintage, and I really need to get the bah humbug cuff for Christmas… 😉

  2. I love plenty from your shop, but this one love the most:)

  3. So much to chose from but then I spied these fab painted boots!

  4. Being the history lover I am, I was attracted immediately to the New England pin! 😀 I also love her Washington D.C. plate, for the same reason. 😉 Thanks for the opportunity to win one of her adorable pins!

  5. My favorite is this M pin:

    Not because of the letter M, but just because I love those two monkeys!
    Thank you!

  6. I am in love with!

    Thank you!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one IE Jack Daw

  8. I love the Black Leather – Trimmed Pillows to Dress Your Nest in Glam Style! They are so cute and unique!

  9. I love this bird brooch!

  10. i like the california brooch .
    tumblemumbo at
    thank you

  11. i like the Lady in Red – Vintage 80s Red Cocktail Dress

  12. So many pretty things but i LOVE the PIED WAGTAIL BIRD Brooch / Pin and Wood Name Pin from 60s UK Puzzle found here

  13. I absolutely LOVE the SWALLOW in Flight Brooch.

    is my favorite item; what a great dress.
    I love all the bird brooches, but I also live in Washington state so would love to have that brooch.

  15. I love the Mad About Golden Plaid shoes!

  16. I love all bird brooches, but the pigeon is my favorite because of the colours!

  17. My favorite is the …well I love the horses and rooster and duck …lol since I have my own little farm!!

    thanks for the giveaway!!! Lots of wonderful things… hard to choose

  18. I adore Easter Joys – Pale Blue Embellished Hand Towel!!! My god I fall in love!

    Thank you for the chance!


  19. LOVE the Russian Roulette brooch!

  20. My fav is the letter “N” brooch.

    fastkat at gmail dot com

  21. I love the duck one!

  22. I like the KINGFISHER Bird Wood Brooch.

  23. I like the New York pin because that’s where I’m from originally.

  24. Geez I love this sundress

    Anything colored dark and blue is always my fancy.

  25. Love the original Toaster with Toast Ring. beautiful stuff 😀

  26. Love Ankle Boots – Brown Leather – Hand Painted!!! ❤


  27. I love the dark chocolate polka dots necklace.

  28. I love the Large Zippered Green Canvas Tote Bag – Girls Just Wanna Have Funds


  29. My favorite item from Meg’s shop is the Mad About Golden Plaid Shoes:
    They’re adorable!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    nafairbank (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. I love the Wren Brooch!

  31. I love the adorable Signs of Spring Ornament / Sachet – Lavender Filled – Medium

  32. I love the Denim Anchor skirt! I adore nautically themed items!
    irishdancer2459 (@) yahoo (.) com

  33. Hello! I like the Pink Champagne brooch

  34. My favorite is the Pink Champagne – Art Bloom Brooch / Pin. Such a lovely, soft color, I love it.
    ninajoleisa at gmail dot com

  35. my favorite is Large Zippered Green Canvas Tote Bag – Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

  36. She has a really neat and eclectic shop! These are the brooches I love and I hearted some other items as well! Wish those plaid shoes came in a different size and I was brave enough to wear them 😉

  37. I adore the Pearly Medal of Honor Brooch.

    so.kitsch at gmail dot com

  38. Such an array of gorgeous vintagey things to chose from!! To pick just one is tough! But being a sucker for color, I absolutely love the ‘Hue Do You Love’ sweater.

    Great give-away – thanks Meg! And thanks Angela for bringing yet another great Etsy shop to my attention 🙂

  39. I like the Michigan pin.

  40. Love the Indiana pin!!!

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