Posted by: rubyclover | January 9, 2011

*WINNER* for the RubyClover Earrings Giveaway iiiiis…

#68! SHARON!! My dear friend from Co. Galway, Ireland who just so happened to leave us all behind in Chicago right before the new year! Congratulations Sharon and we miss you! I know you’ll rock the hell outta these babies around Galway, make sure to send us a pic of you wearing them and I’ll add it here so we can all have a wee nosey!

*This is where my video is supposed to go, but apparently I don’t have an acoount that supports video?! See it on my facebook page for now (shows us picking the number!)

 I can’t thank everyone enough for participating…THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ The only drawback to doing giveaways is that I’ve got major guilt about all the people who took the time to enter but didn’t win 😦 But hey…there’s always next month! The 1st of each month will start a new giveaway of something handmade and fabulous, you can easily subscribe to my blog so you’re sent an email saying that the giveaway has started. February 1st, be on the lookout here for a fab piece of jewelry by my lovely Portugese pal NANOUKE! See you then!! *yay Sharon!!*


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