Posted by: rubyclover | August 11, 2010

Cork and Kerry :) …

Look at this dusty old place, hasn’t been touched in ages!

So…our summer in Ireland was fantastic! We were ALL OVER that island and were so lucky to have beautiful sunny weather nearly every day. I miss my peeps a ton already, so my next few posts will be dedicated to a few of them.

Starting with my girl Sarah in Tralee. She ROCKS 🙂 And this is her rockin website where you can find her handmade jewelry that’s inspired by her travels…and the girl travels ALOT. 

Marble In Awe from Del Mar collection

She has a sunny home studio where she creates these little beauties, but she’s not afraid to get dirty when she’s tending to her flock of hens and Miley the donkey!

They loved our American macaroni & cheese, in fact I think it's what got them to finally start laying their eggs 🙂

We had so much fun all around Tralee and Killarney, it is GORGEOUS down there ♥  I would’ve loved to explore more of the Muckross House grounds, too bad I fell down some slippery steps on a hill and killed my ankle, it’s still not healed nearly a month later. On the bright side, we had a grand ol’ time downing lots of drinks that night to kill the pain 🙂

Muckross House

Nearly every day we went on some sort of adventure…lots of beaches, the Ring of Kerry a couple times, the Ring of Beara, the Dingle peninsula. We did ALOT just in this one corner of the country.

Ring of Beara, Co. Cork

another one of my favorite areas in Ireland!

  I’ve got roughly 3,000 digital photos from this trip, not to mention a few hundred on film that I haven’t developed yet. It’ll take me forever to pick through them for the ones I really like, but I’ve already made about 100 into greeting cards and have just started listing them in my newest Etsy shop, The Irish Still.

Dingle photo card for sale in The Irish Still

I was so sad to leave my friend in Tralee, but I had lots of places to go and people to see. So I packed up our stuff, made some sausages for the road and headed to Galway…taking the long way around the west coast of Co.Clare



  1. I’m so jealous Ruby. This just increases my determination to get there. Can’t wait to see more of your pictures. I’m so glad you had a great time except for your little spill which required many drinks for medicinal purposes, of course.

  2. Cathy, it’s quite cheap to get there from NY! Do a ten day trip and you’ll probably only pay maybe $500 in B&B’s. Or they have those special car/b&b deals too.

    And yeah, the drinking was purely medicinal! Nearly every single evening we had a new ailment to fix 😉

  3. Hussies!
    The lot of yas!!!
    medicinal me big toe…..;)

  4. Your hussy ass knows all about self medicating with liquor, don’t even front IRIS!

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