Posted by: rubyclover | April 26, 2010

*WINNER* of NiceDaySupplies’ pincushion iiiiiis…

#32…PURLS! Woohoo YAY Purls! You are the lucky winner, I hope you like to sew! I think the over-the-top adorableness of this pin cushion would get anyone interested in sewing actually. And hey, you get to pick whichever one you like too…neat 🙂

I want to thank everyone who entered and especially the ones who repeatedly come back for the giveaways…chances are you WILL win something soon if you haven’t yet! Huge THANKS to Ruth, what a fantastic and creative chick. Stop by NiceDayDesigns if you’re looking for pocket mirrors & retro greeting cards and NiceDaySupplies for buttons or pin cushions 🙂 And her facebook page and blog are very cool too, she’s very in-the-know about the Limerick arts scene 🙂





    I won a pincushion! I won one of Ruth’s fabbity colourful pincushions! One of those groovy pincushions will be MIIINE!

    Thanks Ruby and Ruth – this so made my day! I do sew and wanted a nice pincushion for ages! Now I am going to have one! Wooooah!

  2. Congrats Purls! 🙂

  3. Wheeeeee!

    My pincushion arrived! It is so gorgeous, and there are even pins to go with it!

    Thanks Ruby and Ruth – this pincushion will get pride of place beside the sewing machine!

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