Posted by: rubyclover | April 19, 2010

*CLOSED* GIVEAWAY from Limerick shop “NiceDaySupplies”

GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment on this post with your favorite item from NiceDayDesigns shop and you’re entered to win your choice of one of her adorable “cupcake” pin cushions with a free set of pearl headed pins! Winner will be chosen next Monday April 26th, don’t forget to put your email in the provided spot so I can contact you if you win!

The lovely Ruth Crean is the talented proprietor behind Etsy shops NiceDayDesigns (handmade pocket mirrors, pins and clothing when available) and NiceDaySupplies (vintage buttons, sewing supplies & handmade pincushions). Originally from Celbridge in Co. Kildare, Ruth moved down to Limerick 9 years ago to study Fine Art. She began printmaking and has since dabbled in many aspects of visual art, having a few exhibitons in photography, painting and digital collage.

In 2007 she began selling her cards and illustrations at a local craft market and eventually started selling her handmade clothing there, as well as in her Etsy shop.

Ruth pieces together some gorgeous clothes using items that she finds at local charity shops and she specializes in re-vamping clients wardrobes by making totally new items with their old clothing. Her mother is a dress maker and it was something she always did on the side since she was a youngster making her own barbie clothes.

She now sells her unique recycled items in boutiques around Ireland and was featured on RTE’s Nationwide news program (see below). In Autumn 2009 she also had her first fashion show, which she said was an amazing experience

Ruth truly is a Jill-of-all-Trades in the arts & crafts sense. She also has a very colorful blog that I just love and she’s a contributor on the EtsyIreland blog as well…both have some great articles. Become her fan on Facebook too 🙂

Don’t forget to leave a comment (with your favorite item from her shop) to be entered in the pin cushion giveaway! A big THANK YOU ahead of time to anyone who enters the giveaway and GOOD LUCK!!




  1. This is one talented lady. Love the idea od upcycling old fashions. My fav from her shop is

    Just love pink roses.

  2. I love the white daisy pocket mirror!!

  3. I love her star designs! They are fabulous! I also like the red heads 😉


  4. Hi!

    I adore this guy

    Mr. Tim 4 President!
    & GoodLuck 🙂

  5. I love the tea pot button!

    I’ve been buying supplies off Ruth recently and from a business perspective I’ve found her efficient, reliable and very helpful- she deserves all her success!

  6. Enter me please! I love White Valentines Heart Ornament and Favor


  7. Love the Love Me Blue Ornament and Favor, so cute!

  8. you know i’m gonna love those old toy mirrors!

    i’m torn between the monkey

    and the jack in the box

    up limerick! 🙂
    (sorry. had to say it 😉 )

  9. I like the pocket mirrors…….what a wonderful selection…and can’t just pick out one!!!

  10. My favorite is the kitty: looks just like my fellow when he was a baby 😉

  11. such a great shop!

    I think this is my favorite though..

  12. These are adorable, I’m thinking even cute wedding or baby Shower ideas!!!! Very Cute!!!!

  13. How cute is this Teddy Bear button! 🙂


  14. It was hard to pick just one of these lovelies, but here’s my choice

    It’s always nice to run into such a talented artist.

  15. Enter me! I love

  16. I’m a button addict! I can’t help it! Does it count if I pick my faourite buttons from your great supply shop? Hope so!

    Great shops, Ruth! Hope to see you back in Bedford Row market some Sunday morning when I’m in Limerick. All the best!

  17. I love Porcelian Lady Pocket Mirror.


  18. I like the black haired sexy pocket mirror!

  19. I love the “make do and mend” button. So cute.


  20. i like the birthday cake pocket mirror: !

    iceflurrie at hotmail dot com

    thanks !

  21. These are great! I also really like her POW pocket mirror 🙂


  22. I love the candy floss skirt in the sold section of her store. 🙂

  23. Such a fan of Ruth’s work. Oooh so many nice things – if I had to pick one though…. the blonde bombshell is probably my favourite

  24. I love the Geeks Are Great Pocket Mirror

    duhnellecarter [at] yahoo . com
    get this giveaway free exposure too at

  25. i love the Eat Me Pocket Mirror, the White Daisies Pocket Mirror, the Birthday Cake Pocket Mirror, the Make Do and Mend Pocket Mirror and the DIY Queen Pocket Mirror

  26. my fav intem of the shop is…. This DIY wueen mirror pocket.. it is sooo beautiful!!!

  27. I love this:

  28. I love the Purple Heart Valentine Ornament and Favor

    queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

  29. I really like the Cuppa Tea Pocket Mirror.

  30. I really love the DIY Queen Pocket Mirror.

  31. Ruth is a gem! Truly talented.

    I love this kitty pocket mirror…

    It reminds me of my Ginger. 😛

  32. I am a huge fan of those pincushions!!!
    They are just so gorgeous!

    Hard to pick just one item in Ruth’s shop, but I really love this:

    No big boy would get their hands on that t-shirt though, I’d wear it myself *grin*

  33. I love the Cuppa Tea Pocket Mirror!

    samyrocks92 at msn dot com

  34. I like the Big Boys Rocket Tshirt. After all, why should little boys get to have all the fun?! 🙂

    couponboss at gmail dot com

  35. I like:



  36. I’m a sucker for bulldogs. It’s gotta be this

  37. Purple Heart Valentine Ornament and Favor is my fav item!

  38. Some wonderful things! I love the Love Me Blue Heart Ornament {} and the Eat Me Pocket Mirror {}

    So cute! thank you!


  39. I also like your White Valentine Heart Ornament-so pretty!

  40. I’m intrigued by the door photos. Makes me want to know what’s behind them!

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