Posted by: rubyclover | April 5, 2010

*CLOSED* GIVEAWAY… Bracelet by Dublin shop “BALANCED”

Pale Green Marble and Bronze Flower - Bracelet - Sorcha

*Winner was chosen on Monday April 12th, this giveaway is now closed! Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to read the below interview with artist Rachel Van-Walsh♥*

And now a little something about Rachel Van-Walsh, the artist behind the Dublin based Etsy shop BALANCED

This is the view from Rachel’s house in Dublin. Yeah, I’m jealous too…it’s gorgeous. She lives here with her husband and Ginger the cat, who are both Irish…Rachel’s originally from Sacramento, California. Let’s ask her a few questions…

When did you start making jewelry? … Hmm, it feels like ages. I started beading about 12 years ago now. I got a job in a bead shop and the rest is history. 🙂

What do you do on your time off? … I get time off? No. If I’m not crafting I’m promoting or editing or listing or taking photos or organizing or updating or marketing or, you get the idea. I’m also forced to feed my husband and our kitty baby, Ginger. She’s Irish. 😛 Oh, and clean the house. Sometimes.

A few of your favorite bands: Ay yay yay. So many. When I’m crafting I like to listen to all sorts of things. LCD Soundsystem, Gossip, Depeche Mode, Unkle, Portishead, Lisa Mitchell… it’s an eclectic mix.

Your favorite place you’ve visited:  Amsterdam. Hands down. Ireland is very nice too though. 😉 My favourite place I’ve visited in Ireland was Newgrange. I had never seen anything that old with my own two eyes. And I don’t think I have since. It was also the first place I drove to while over here, so it’s a fond memory. Wrong side of the road and all.

Place you want to, but have yet to visit: My husband and I have plans to go on a safari in Africa. Only 1,000,000 more sales to go! *Good luck on one million sales, Rachel! Please let me know your secret if you start getting close!*


You can find Rachel’s gorgeous beaded jewels at BALANCED, her Etsy shop. She also has beautiful digital prints available online HERE. You can also become a fan of Balanced on Facebook. Have fun looking through her shop and don’t forget to leave a comment here (with your favorite item) to be entered in the giveaway! ANYONE can enter, she’ll ship it anywhere in the universe ♥



  1. I love your beaded jewelery!! Very talented..

  2. I love so much in the Balanced shop, it’s hard to choose one favorite! My top two are the one she uses in her avatar and this one I guess I’d choose the latter because it appears to be a little easier to wear in a casual setting.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful collection. It is hard to choose a favourite, but since it is spring I think the Vintage Grass Flower Brass Earrings are perfect.

  4. This was a hard decision, so many beautiful items to choose from. Picked this necklace:

  5. i love how the shop is arranged by colour!
    i was positively drooling when i arrived on page 5 for the purples.

    but this – i think – is my favourite ’cause i’m getting into green big time:

  6. I love all of the jewelry. Beautiful!!! I love the emerald glass and silver earings but I also like the ashen pearl bracelet. Too many nice things to chose from!

  7. Oh I really love Rachels pieces, and it’s really generous of her to let us choose something for a giveaway. She has an amazing selection of pieces, but these earring are my fav and would match half of my wardrobe

  8. What a great giveaway – I heard about it from Nice Day Designs. I think that the vintage glass flower earrings are amazing looking.

    I am also completely in love with the grey freshwater pearls

  9. ok. 9 pages of BEAUTIFUL jewelry! how do you pick just one favorite????
    i’m saying this one, even though there are dozens of others!

  10. Phew, that was really difficult to choose, because I liked so many pieces. But this one, Kiss the Sun, really hits the spot 🙂

  11. So many pretties! But I really like the Porcelain, Antiqued Brass – Necklace – Lichen in Flax necklace!

  12. I love everything, but I think this is my fave::

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Well, I love it ALL so, SO, so much, but one of my favorites is:

    Thank you for doing this 🙂 it’s beautiful! Fingers crossed that I win hehe :D!!

  14. It’s a beautiful shop – one piece that really stood out for me is her Cimibicid necklace -0 very unusual love it:)

  15. So many lovely pieces! I am really loving these earrings~


    beautiful bracelet!

  17. I love the Labradorite, Brass – Necklace – Aspen Rain.

  18. There is a lot of things that I like in this shop…I pick the “Serpentine, Smoky Quartz, Sterling Silver – Earrings – Russet Celadon”

  19. No doubt about it. I LOVE this necklace:

  20. The upcycled washer necklace is very cool. I like how you reused supplies to make something pretty.
    shutterboo at gmail dot com

  21. I love love love the Vintage Glass Flowers, Brass – Earrings – Chiffon Bouquet !!! sooo gorgeous!!

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  22. Enter me please! My favorite item is: Lucite, Glass, Brass – Necklace – Margot

  23. My favorite is the Assorted Stone Mix – Wrap Bracelet – Smix

  24. My favorite item is the Citrine, Apatite, Carnelian, Sterling – Earrings – Ambrosia.

    Your stuff is lovely!

  25. love the jewelry! my favorite has to be these earrings

  26. I love the Faceted Agate, Swarovski, Brass – Earrings – Fall Foliage; it’s very romantic and chic.

  27. gorgeous bracelet, and I also love Ireland..WOW!
    great article.

  28. My favorite item are the Aventurine, Glass, Antiqued Copper – Earrings – Watercolor. They are simple, yet eye-catching.

  29. Im just dying over this:

    So many great pieces to choose from!

  30. I love the
    Aquaterra Jasper, Bayong Wood, Riverstone, SS – Necklace – Sand Water



  31. I love a lot of the green and blue pieces (my favourite colours) but the Grey Pearls, Glass Seed Beads – Beadwoven Bracelet – Ashen Pearl was the most impressive. Even close up it looks more like worked metal than beads, fantastic!

  32. Loving the Lampwork Glass, Brass – Necklace – Dark Water!
    thanks for the opportunity!

  33. The petalage earrings in orange and teal and white and lavender, the yellow vintage glass flower earrings, the willow freshwater pearl necklace, and cimbicid lemon necklace are all so pretty! Your shop is lovely. =)

    (email in blogger profile)

  34. I love the czech glass lucite earrings they are gorgeous.Great giveaway fingers crossed. Marian

  35. Hi! ENTER ME plss~~
    I visited her shop & loving the Freshwater Pearl, Brass, Hematite – Necklace – Willow. so fab & chic!!^^

    ❤ Risya

  36. I like this one the best

    Please contact me through my blog. 🙂 I have followed you will you follow me also?

  37. What a shop of sheer delight! I could browse it for hours, and often have!

    These earrings are my current favourites:

    Thanks, Rachel, for making this great jewellery,and thanks, Ruby, for organising this great giveaway:)

  38. My favorite item is the Freshwater Pearls, Glass, Sterling Silver – Beadwoven Bracelet – Little Snow Pearl.
    ghainskom at yahoo dot com

  39. Balance has been on my favorite shop list for awhile now, and one of my favorites is the Freshwater Pearl, Antiqued Copper earrings. Such beautiful designs!!!

  40. Wow! Everything looks so wonderfully vintage. I like the Aventurine, Glass, and Antiqued Copper Earrings – Watercolor. I love the colors and that faceting.

  41. I love Faux Emerald, Gunmetal – Earrings – Ivy

  42. I adore the “Freshwater Pearl, Brass, Hematite – Necklace – Willow”. It is stunning!

    Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  43. I’m loving the Light as a Feather bracelet!

  44. Enter me please!!! I love this

  45. I like Czech Glass, Lucite, Brass – Earrings – Botanica

    sophia.komninou at

  46. I really like these earrings:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    -Lydia Jane

  47. I like the Cimbicid Blue Necklace the most.

  48. I Love these Amazonite/Czech Glass earrings.

  49. I just love this necklace:

    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  50. What a beutiful things 😀

    I love this necklace:
    Lucite, Glass, Brass – Necklace

    Thanks a lot!

    Elizabeth Ramirez

  51. This one is very pretty:

  52. Wow, what lovely jewelry! It is hard to pick just one, but if I must, it’d be
    Pearl, Glass, Brass – Earrings – Petalage in White and Lavender

  53. Czech Glass, Sterling Silver – Beadwoven Bracelet – Iris is really pretty, love the colours and the pattern.

  54. I like the “Copper, Shell, Aventurine – Bracelet – Verdigris”

  55. So many truly beautiful things. My favorite item are the yellow Vintage Glass Flowers and Brass earrings. They are so sweet.

  56. I love the Beadwoven Lattice Ribbon Bracelet – Avocado and Baby Pink

  57. my fave is the Lucite, Glass, Brass – Necklace – Margot. 🙂 her shop is amazing!

  58. love carmine earrings

  59. Vintage German Lucite, Brass – Necklace – ‘Teal Rose’
    is totally my favorite! hope I win!

  60. adorable shop!
    Lucite, Glass, Brass – Necklace – ‘Margot’
    that’s one of my faves, so pretty:)

  61. I love Labradorite, Amazonite, Sterling Silver – Earrings – Faint.


  62. I love the Beadwoven Lattice Ribbon Bracelet in Fuzzy Green. Beautiful work!


  63. I love the Azurite Malachite, Czech Glass, Brass Necklace- Falls!

  64. I like the
    Teal Glass Trumpet Flowers, Brass – Earrings – Bloom

  65. There are almost too many gorgeous things to choose from, but I think this one is my favorite.

  66. I love the Margot necklace! This is so great because I’ve been looking for accessories for prom and this Etsy just screams “PERFECT”. Thanks so much!

  67. that etsy shop is beautiful! i love so many things, including the giveaway! my other favourite would have to be Porcelain, Antiqued Brass – Necklace – ‘Lichen in Flax’!

  68. Everything is so pretty!! I also love Descend ,the Blue Lace Agate, Silver – Wrap Bracelet 🙂

  69. Beautiful jewelry! My favorite is the Cimbicid Aqua Necklace!

  70. Its really hard to pick one but one of my favourites would be the Earrings – Red Is The Rose

  71. I loooved Peach Freshwater Pearls, Copper – Earrings – ‘Pearly Hoops’ .I think I’ll order them on Monday or so.

  72. I loved the poppy jasper antiqued copper bracelet.

  73. ok first I have to admit Im not a jewellery girl so im doing this for Mammy Gorman 🙂 but I do love this:

    Love the ‘Ginger’ cat photo!

    And ‘Newgrange’ is one of my favourite places too, and also lucky enough to have a view of it every day!

  74. my favorite is the Freshwater Pearl, Brass, Hematite – Necklace – ‘Willow’

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  75. love the Smoky Topaz, Sterling Silver – Earrings – Fallow

    get this giveaway free exposure too at

  76. I am crazy over Swarovski, Antiqued Brass – Necklace – Flight

  77. What a beautiful shop. Made with so much care.

    I loved many items but I loved best:


    Emerald Glass and Silver Filigree – Earrings – ‘Regal’


  78. i love long cimbicid in peridot

  79. I like the Lampwork Glass, Brass – Necklace – Kiss The Sun

  80. When you get your first millionth sale please email me to let me know how you did it:))
    Lovely jewelry.
    Here is my, well one of my, favorites:
    Serpentine, Smoky Quartz, Sterling Silver – Earrings – ‘Russet Celadon’


  81. I just love the morning glory neckace, the colors are amazing

  82. I love the Lucite, Glass, Brass Necklace ‘Margot’! It’s so beautiful!!

  83. This is such a cute shop! I really like the Glass, Copper – Earrings – ‘Youth’. Those are so pretty! I also really like the giveaway bracelet too, ambrerose(!at)

  84. I like the Amazonite, Wood – Wrap Bracelet – ‘Ciara’

  85. love: Lucite, Glass, Brass – Necklace – ‘Margot’


  86. wow – hard to pick just one – all of the items are just stunning! but I really like the Margot necklace for spring and summer..

  87. Hi.
    enter me. = )
    My favorite item is

    Swarovski, Antiqued Brass – Necklace – ‘Soar’

    Andreia. *

  88. My favorite item is the Mother of Pearl, Brass – Necklace – ‘Cubic’.

  89. This bracelet screamed out calming, and relaxing to me…………How funny, since I’m getting married in a week.
    Blue Lace Agate, Silver – Wrap Bracelet – ‘Descend’

    I also adore: Green Glass, Brass – Bracelet – ‘Verdant’ AND SALE – Faceted Acrylic, Black Brass, Gunmetal – Necklace – ‘Electric in Lime’.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  90. Beautiful jewellery! I really like this one: (Carnelian and Gold – Necklace – ‘Radiance’) because of the warm, rich colours and the unusual “tassel” of beads as the pendant. Very, very nice!
    best wishes

  91. I like the Upcycled Washer, Czech Glass – ReBalanced Earrings – Hunter.

  92. I really love the “Bone, Czech Glass, Brass – Necklace – ‘Butterfly Garden'” … its subtle but beautiful.

    lagringa_009 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  93. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! The winner of the bracelet was picked 4/12/10 and it was #20 🙂 We truly appreciate the time and effort you took in participating, it means a ton! Stay tuned for next weeks’ giveaway and good luck again!! ♥♥♥

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