Posted by: rubyclover | March 26, 2010

*CLOSED* GIVEAWAY…mixed media collage by Irish artist Ann Gorman

“STAY”Enter the giveaway for “STAY” by leaving a comment on this post with your favorite item from Ann’s shop. The winner will be chosen (randomly) next Friday, April 2nd.


Ann is a mixed media artist who runs AMG-ARTS and is currently studying Textile Design at NCAD in Dublin, Ireland. Alot of her work that we can see in her Etsy shop is  collage based with some  journal work and altered books as well.  

My little random Q & A with her(how dreamy does her childhood sound?!)…

Favorite childhood memories … As kids I loved the Hill of Slane. Firstly the view from there was beautiful and secondly, up the tower you could see for miles and miles on a clear day, it has lots of nooks and crannies that we loved to play hide and seek in. We also loved to go behind the Hill of Slane to the ‘Bluebell Wood’ when the flowers were out.

In the summer holidays we’d play on our quiet country road, literally we’d draw on the gooey melted tar and my Mother would be so cross when she’d see us coming in covered in the ‘that black stuff’. We used to play in our field, when the tennis season was on we’d play tennis, when the show jumping was on in the RDS, Dublin we’d set up ‘horse’ jumps, and then when the tractor came in and cut it we’d have races around the tracks!

Favorite music … I mostly listen to Damien Rice, Tori Amos, Bowie, Pink, Shakira, Nelly Furtado, Florence and the Machine, and since I was a kid have listened to Roxette!

Stuff you do on your time off … Walk the Springers, we have three, write, and I write poems which I sometimes include in my collages, gardening, and read, flick through all the home magazines Im addicted.

 She’s currently converting their old sheds and lofts into an art studio, a workshop and teaching facility…how groovy is this place?! *jealous*

Favorite place you’ve visited:  I love the South of Ireland, we used to go and visit relations there and for our anniversary in July that’s where we went

Dream place you have yet to visit: Since I was a kid wanted to visit Alaska! Probably because of all the beautiful scenery! And since visiting Rome and Florence, I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing Venice…but you know what I’m content with where I am, enough great scenery here to last me a lifetime!

Anything particularly cool/artsy about your town?Well if you blink you’ll miss it. It’s a small village, but still manages to have lots to offer, ie. Hill of Slane, Newgrange, famous for the Poet Francis Ledwidge, Slane Castle, Sculptor and Painter ‘John Cassidy’ came from Slane, and it’s a nice village in beautiful surroundings with great walks along the River Boyne.

This lady has some serious talent with her dream-like and other-worldly style of collage. Make sure to visit Ann’s etsy shop to see some more examples of her work and don’t forget to pick a favorite and POST IT HERE to enter the drawing for her collage above…”STAY”




  1. My fav from Ann’s shop is Cat Collage

    Need to go back and read her story now.

  2. Well, now!
    I have already told Ann that the giveaway collage is my favourite!
    Just so you all know, k!!

    and the favourite from her shop is not an easy task and took quite some time ( i had to laught about her Mmmmmmmmmmmm card!!!) but this one here just called out to me because of the textures and the colours:

    and after looking around in her shop go and read her blog about workspaces!
    very informative and entertaining 🙂

  3. Love the broken collage

  4. I love “First Date”! Great artist!

    i found you on etsy forums, please come visit me too!

    p.s. I’m having a give away that ends this evening, so come enter before it’s over!

  5. In all honesty, I LOOVED the butterfly one she sold a while back. BUT, my fav is first date, cause my first date with my hubby was in the park!


  6. Although I had a totally different favourite last month, when I looked at Ann’s shop just now, this one really struck a cord:

    As a writer, I know that total happy feeling when suddenly the words came…

  7. Thank you for doing this fantastic giveaway!
    I really like her artwork “Gone at 32” because
    it was very touching…the art speaks for itself.

    Gone at 32

  8. I adore Wait and the poem’s neat to but love the composition of wait

  9. I love the Cat Collage! So cute!

  10. My favorite is Torann.

  11. wow, ann! your photographs and collages are LOVELY!!!!
    my fave, (i think…there’s lots!) is gone at 32:

  12. This one is my favorite;

  13. My favorite is Fallen
    I like the poem; and to actually see measuring tape is pretty powerful. Growth does demand a struggle, doesn’t it.

  14. Beautiful work and love the poetry and prose! Very evocative. So many of them spoke to me but can only chose one so for now this is my favorite:

  15. Thanks to everyone who took the time to check out my shop and collages and post their favourite here!

    Ann 🙂

  16. THANKS ANN! You AND your art rock ♥

    And another thank you from me to everyone who stopped by ♥

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