Posted by: rubyclover | March 22, 2010

Castlerea , Co. Roscommon , Ireland

I love this little town. It’s located on the banks of the River Suck, however it does not suck at all…it’s quite lovely actually 🙂 A few years back, we spent a couple days in Castlerea en route from Galway to Donegal. That whole area of Co. Roscommon is gorgeous, I’m really glad we checked it out and I’m sure we’ll be back this summer.

 The main reason for stopping here was to take my son to the Railway Museum, which is connected to Hell’s Kitchen pub. There’s a train blasting through the wall of this little place, it’s awesome.

If you have kids or are a train enthusiast and are in that area, you’ve got to stop in as they have the largest private collection of rail memorabilia in Ireland. The owner was really friendly and even rang some B&B’s and found a vacancy for us at Armcashel, which was just a few minutes away from town with a good rate, lovely rooms and a great breakfast. 

There’s a really nice demesne for taking a stroll, lots of cute shops including a colorful fruit & veg market , nice restaurants and some old pubs.

If you like touring stately homes, there’s the Clonalis House. You can also get accomodations in their self catering cottages.

I’m really glad we took the looooong way to Inishowen, because heading north east towards Carrick-on-Shannon there’s rolling hills, country villages and it’s all very picturesque. We also stopped in a small town called Elphin and checked out their windmill…it was cute 🙂



  1. The more I read of your little tour thru Ireland and the beautiful pics, the more I know I have to visit there. Thanks Ruby for sharing your experiences there.

  2. You must! Maybe you’ll even stop in some of the towns I’ll be featuring here 🙂 I’m glad you stopped by

  3. i didn’t know about that railway museum! i definitely want to go there when we get over next time!
    i hope i’m there at the same time as you! 😀

  4. sus, they even have a list of railway places on their website!

    We’re gonna try to hit some. Last time we tried going to the one at Bushmills and of course nobody was there. Even though it was PAST easter and they said they opened on Easter. Aggravating :/ Only thing good about going in summer is that stuff will be open, even if there’s lots of tourists waiting to do the same thing.

  5. Rubes I swear you know more about Ireland and have visited more places here than I have!

  6. lol everyone says that! But you know what…you travelled all over Chicago and the surrounding areas when you were here, while I hardly left my neighborhood. You know how that goes!

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