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*CLOSED* GIVEAWAY…tiny timber house in Irish village

Dun Laoghaire artist Iris O’Connor has been kind enough to offer up one of her handmade wood houses for the very first giveaway on my new blog. *THANKS IRIS!* Check out the whimsical house that one of you lucky peeps will win…(just leave a comment on this post with your favorite item from her shop  to be entered! I’ll randomly pick the winning comment on March 25th by what number your comment is) . It’s 5″ high and 2″ wide and cute as can be…

A bit about Iris in her own words and photos…

I was born in Germany but came to Ireland in 1987. After living in Dublin inner city for about a year I decided it was just too crowded for my liking so I hopped onto the bus and went out to Dun Laoghaire, a beautiful seaside town just a few miles outside Dublin. It was a gorgeous summers day and Dun Laoghaire looked like it could be a little harbour town in southern Italy. Love at first sight and 2 weeks later I moved in J I am married to Mr. O’Connor now and we –including Mouse the Cat– live about 3 minutes away from the harbour and we love it here!

It’s only natural that I go for daily walks and more often than not I will collect sea glass and seashells which then end up in my shop. I work part-time in a second hand bookshop, which is absolutely wonderful as I am an avid reader and I can borrow books from the shop. I look at the bookshop as my own personal library 🙂

*When I asked her how long she’s been artsy fartsy for*…

Forever I think, it runs in the family. My granny –at the age of 91– is still painting, (mostly oils and acrylics), my uncle is a successful Graphic Designer with his own company and then there’s me. On Etsy. My love affair with pebbles began at about age 10. It started at a riverbed in Austria where I picked up a big granite stone, beautifully shaped, with specks of colours which was lovingly varnished to give it that ‘wet’ look. I still do a lot of work with pebbles as you can see in my flickr but unfortunately the pieces are too heavy to sell on Etsy.

I have always loved painting houses and these particular ones have evolved from houses painted on MDF to being Real Estate in a fictional Irish village.
Even how the story of Ballinasnoot came about is somehow typical irish: in my local, Dunphy’s J I wanted some input from my friends and over a few pints of Guinness one night we made great progress into the write-up of it all. It was great fun and I still add a few bits or change something with every new house I list.

…Besides these scrumptious little houses and her mixed media collages, Iris also produces some stunning photography which you can see on her flickr , we hope to see some more in her shop soon 😉



  1. Wonderful story about Iris. I just love her new real estate collection of wee houses and always look forward to each addition and its own little story. Check out her flicker for marvelous photos. By the way I’m counting on winning the wee house!!

  2. Wonderful interview. Thanks for sharing your story, Iris. It was hard to pick just one favorite, but here it is:

  3. your houses are grand. i especially like this one…

    i also really liked those yellow irish seashells you had on recently.

    it’s great to see what dunphy’s looks like 😀

  4. ehem.
    excuse me, but *i* will be winning the wee house 😉

    i love iris’s shop! it’s so hard to pick one fave. i have quite a few things here that were made by her, and i treasure every one of them!

    i think i’ll pick this one: i really like the colors and the composition.

    you know where to find me to send the prize.
    thank you very much.

  5. What a sweet shop. My favorite would be Original Mixed Media – wee houses in orange.

  6. i like the wee houses in mauve!


  7. Such sweetness! I adore this little house and absolutely need it for my studio:

    What fun digging around in her shop. My favorite would be the other little red houses or Nr. 27, Seaview Drive, Ballinasnoot, to go with the giveaway I hope to win! Thanks for sponsoring such a great item and featuring a fabulous artist.

  8. Gah you want us to pick just one item?! I have most of her shop hearted.

    Great to hear a bit of your life Iris.

    Am going to choose this as my favorite because it has so much that is quintessentially Iris with the strange flowers as well as whimiscal house and collage style:

    Now crossing fingers, toes, legs and arms and chanting “Come to me”

  9. Great interview! The houses are so adorable! My favorite is the midnight blue real estate house.

    e-mail address:
    lavenderdaisyblog at yahoo dot com

  10. Iris, lovely to read your biography. Your wee houses are awesome. I love them so much. Hard to choose, but this has to be my outright fave!

    Keep creating the real estate! Only way to beat the slump in the propery market:) xx

  11. Iris’ wee houses are wonderful. I couldn’t decide which one to pick, and then I fell in love with this:

    It reminds me of a thick book of textile scraps – it has a fantastic lush feeling to it.

  12. I love the Strange Flower series. They are original and fun.

  13. there is no chance of picking just one the moment it’s the wee houses me loves :))
    Iris and Rubes rock!

  14. I went ahead and found a favorite…I love the wee house in blue 🙂

  15. Great interview Iris! I already have these cute adorable houses you will fall in LOVE with your new home whoever wins it they are just so sweet! 🙂


  16. I truly love it all. But this one would look great in my kitchen. Original Mixed Media – poppy red Real Estate for Sale in colourful Irish village .

    Here’s to you Blog being a GREAT Success!. Looks Great Already.

  17. I adore the strange flower series!

    actually, I adore her whole shop!



  18. I think Iris’ houses are just fab but something about the Strange Flowers series just draws me in. They are my favourite items.

  19. Iris you are so talented! I love them all really.. but there is something about this one… the soothing color.. the composition… the bike… I love it!

  20. I could easily become of the “De Snooties” in this little villa that caught my eye! A bargain no?

    The colours are wonderfully vibrant and uplifting!

    Invitation only into my prestigious home!

    Gorgeous – love all your houses really they remind me of papier mache which is a medium I love!

    All the best!

  21. I love the wee green house. In fact I’ve had it in my favs for a while, it’s yearning to be in my studio. 😛

  22. “The sandy beach is only 200yards away” is reason enough to be my favorite. 🙂

  23. I love the art blocks, especiall this one but I also love the Irish sea glass I bought from Iris last week.

  24. My favorite
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    this one is my fave..but loved your shop – so pretty. And lovely to read your story too.

  26. Sweet shop and wonderful giveaway!

    This is my favourite:


  27. A great interview! I love this one:


    Thank you so much EVERYONE for entering, Iris and I really appreciate it! Check out tomorrow’s giveaway, 3/26…this might just be the one that you win!! Good luck again 🙂


  29. Your tiny wooden houses are lovely. Cute. I can imagine them standing on my bookshelf. Great decoration item. I wish you all the best!

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